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Growing Ginger in a Container part 1 (a video)

If you follow us on IG or Facebook, you know that I posted a picture of some ginger that was ready to be planted. The audio quality (I learned later) was really bad. Tried using the wind reduction feature because the traffic was particularly loud that day.  In this video I show how to plant ginger in a container and also offer a few additional helpful tips and explain some of the health benefits of this powerful little root. Hopefully you find this informative and maybe even a little entertaining.  Happy Growing!    

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Composting in a Small Space

You live in a small space and think composting is probably out of the question, right? Not really.  With the fall season upon us, I want to talk about composting.  Winter is approaching where we live and we’re gearing up to have some nice fertilizer for our plants when spring arrives. Although you can do it all year long. Not just that, many of us have jack o'lanterns that will begin to decompose on our porches. Then there are the holidays where we do an awful lot of cooking from scratch and have a LOT of kitchen scraps that usually end up in the bin. Why not use those scraps to your garden’s benefit when you’re growing your plants for...

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An introduction to grow lights

If you’re in an area where it is cloudy and rains all the time, or maybe winter weather is coming and its time to bring the plants indoors. Whatever the situation, your plants, fruits, and vegetables need light! How do you know what light to use? What can keep my plants warm and alive and still producing while they’re kept in doors? LED  (Light Emitting Diode) is one of the best options for growing indoors, especially if you have a small set-up. Giant industrial grow operations use High Intensity Discharge lights and we don’t have those here. We’re Apartment Gardens. Our goal is to help you make the most of your small spaces!  Check out our collection of full spectrum LED lighting...

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