Novelty Artstone

ArtStone Planters have an intricate self-watering system that, in an indoor environment, refeeds water to the plant via its roots. The system has a bottom reservoir in which water accumulates and allows the plant to grab refreshment when needed.

 Each of these stylish planters you see here are idea for balcony living because they have built-in reservoirs that catch the water you give your plants. No more over-flowing trays. No more messy, stained concrete. Best of all - no more water dripping to the neighbors downstairs!

The water-minder disk is glued to the bottom of the planter and secured by a peg in the middle, assuring a tight fit so the water feature does not free itself from the planter.


Feel the soil in the planter. If the soil is moist, the plant will not need more water. If the soil is dry, add small amounts of water. DO NOT OVER WATER.


ArtStone Planters are made of a resin composite mixture which provides durability and strength in all environments. In colder temperatures, covering or bringing your planters indoors extends the life of the planter.