D'Blooms Policy



Customer Loyalty points: "D'Blooms"

An overview of how it works:

When you create an account on our website you will automatically be enrolled in our loyalty program and will earn points for purchases based on the amount you spend. You can also earn points for referrals and other actions you perform on our website. Once you've earned enough points, you will be able to exchange them for rewards such as discounts or free products via our loyalty widget.

These D'Bloom points can be redeemed for purchases of $30 and greater on any qualified item in our shop.

Unqualified items include items related to affiliate programs such as Amazon purchases. The transaction must occur with our own products through our Secure Checkout on apartment-gardens.com

Privacy Info - Also stated in our Privacy Policy

The D'Blooms Customer Loyalty program will also obtain information in order to reward points for purchases Information including birthday, and customer initial sign-up anniversary will be collected in order to be eligible to receive these points. In order to receive D'Blooms, for your birthday, you will need to provide your Birth Month and Date. 

Initial sign-up anniversary is automatically logged in our system when you create your Apartment Gardens account. You will be awarded anniversary points each year on your anniversary date. 

How often are emails sent?

You will receive an email providing an update on your balance for the following reasons:

  • Becoming a new member
  • Placing a new order - announcing your new D'Blooms balance
  • On your Birthday - Each year If you provide your birth month and day information
  • On your Anniversary - Each year on the date you first became a D'Blooms rewards member.
  • New Referrals - If you refer a friend, you will receive an email thanking you for spreading the word!
  • Each time a discount code is redeemed
  • Points expiration notice - An email will be sent 30 days before your points are set to expire. See "Will my D'Blooms ever Expire?"
  • Every 90 Days an email will be sent reminding you of your balance. 
  • Promotional Announcements when you can earn bonus D'Blooms on specific items in our catalog

You are free to unsubscribe from notifications and un-enroll in the rewards program at any time.

Ways to Earn and grow D'Blooms


D'Blooms Earned

Initial Sign up 50
For every $1.00 Spent 5
Birthday 100
Refer a Friend 100


To view your point balance and redeem rewards, simply login to our website and access by clicking the launcher link (Earn 🌺) found in the main menu, or the "Click to Start Earning" button at the top of this page.

Please note that points do not carry any cash value and the awards/rewards can be modified, without notice, at any time.

Will my D'Blooms ever Expire?

Yes. D'Blooms will expire after 12 months of no purchases made through Apartment Gardens. A Reminder email will be sent 30 days before your points are scheduled to expire. To keep your account active, you may either make a purchase or redeem your current D'Blooms balance.

Garden Tiers Loyalty Program

 The more D'Blooms you earn in your lifetime, the greater the rewards! When you sign up, you're rewarded 50 D'Blooms so you're already a Sprout and on your way to earning your first discount!

Growth Level Total Lifetime D'Blooms Earned New VIP Multiplier Earning What does that mean?
 Sprout                               50 x1 $1 = 1 D'Bloom
 Seedling                         2,000 x2 $1 = 10 D'Blooms
 Budding                         5,000 x3 $1 = 15 D'Blooms
 Flowering                       10,000 x5 $1 = 25 D'Blooms


What can I do with these D'Blooms?

 Redeem your D'Blooms to get discounts on your order before tax.

Discounts cannot be combined. These offers are subject to change.

Reward D'Blooms Needed
 Free Shipping                            200
 $5 OFF Coupon                            500
 $10 OFF Coupon                         1,000
 $20 OFF Coupon                         3,000