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Compost Bag - Apartment Gardens LLC
Compost Bag - Apartment Gardens LLC

Compost Bag

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Create your own soil with discarded organic waste with your very own compost bag. Those ends you cut off the carrots, the skin you might peel off apples and potatos, coffee grounds, eggs shells, banana peels, or celery and lettuce hearts - even the wilted or rotten fruits you didn't get to aren't wasted when you put them in this bag. Give those scraps a new purpose by creating your very own nutrient rich soil for your garden.  

Its compact design makes it easy to store, the handles help you carry it around, and the opening at the bottom gives you easy access to the black gold at the bottom of the bag. 

The PE cloth design is excellent for keeping in the heat and moisture needed to break down organic waste.



Type: Compost Bags

Material: PE Cloth

Size: 35x60cm/13.77*23.6in

Size: 45x80cm/17.7*31.49in

The package includes: 1 X Compost Bag


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